Frequently Asked Questions

Most repairs are done within an hour but we are more than happy to give you a timeframe when you book your repair in. Just ask our friendly staff. If we need it longer we can provide a free loan phone while we work on yours!
We accept both Cash payment and UPI Transfers . In case of UPI Transfer, the Phone will be delivered only after realisation of money.
We use either original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts or the highest quality aftermarket parts depending on the repair and usually, you'll be able to choose for yourself which parts are used in your device as per confirmation
Warranty will be based on the nature of repair and also based on the spare part used. We will communicate warranty information to you based on case to case basis.
Just because you don't see your phone on our price list doesn't mean we can't fix it. We do our best to list many of the phones we repair but we certainly couldn't list them all! Just contact our helpful staff and we'll happily check to see if we can help you.